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DEIP is part of the Department's 5 major workforce initiatives, which include an Industry Skilling and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strategy, the Naval Shipbuilding College, Schools Pathways Program (SPP) and the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC).

The intent of DEIP is to increase engineering students' level of interest and participation in defence industry and in particular, with defence-facing SMEs.

DEIP places 3rd or 4th year engineering students (or equivalent) with SMEs that are engaged in the defence industry and have 5-199 full time employees for a 12 week internship. The SMEs may hold industry relationships directly with the various arms of defence or may supply larger organisations that hold contracts with the Department of Defence. There is a limit of 30 internships nationally.

How is an Intern matched to a host SME?

Interns are matched with SMEs on the basis of their rating, preferences and relevant study.


The online application contains a section that identifies the internships available including the expected activities, location, preferable engineering disciplines for students to have studied and the structure/timing of the internship. Each applicant can nominate up to 10 preferred internships to apply for.

SMEs can nominiate to host more than 1 intern. If a company want to register to host interns at multiple sites the are requested to register each site separately assist with the matching process.

The SME will get to review the proposed intern details to confirm a suitable match. The potential interns will confirm their continued interest to progress to an interview for the placement. After a successful interview, the company will liaise with the candidate and develop a work plan for the internship.

All internships are subject to approval by the Department of Defence.

When does the internship occur?

The internship can commence shortly after Department of Defence approval is received - expected to be from late November onwards - and must be finalised by 31st March 2018. It is recommended that the internship be for 12 consecutive weeks however, if necessary it may be divided into shorter blocks.

Work Plan requirement

The Department of Defence requires that the SME create a documented work plan for the internship which provides meaningful duties consistent with the student's academic studies and ensures that there is adequate supervision and mentoring of the student.

Specifically, the work plan will include the following:

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The Defence Engineering Internship Program is an initiative of the Australian Government represented by the Department of Defence.